12 June 2005

email minutiae. (2)

it is to Barker that i owe many proverbially wasted minutes of my day, and i can't bear the thought that this stuff evaporates into the ether without at least a chuckle or two. so onwards, more minutiae...

on the panic of apartment hunting.

Calm thy self, Virginia Wolf.

i know. GAH! where is my coat?! where are my rocks?! where is the river?!

Stop it.

could i live in the river?

No. At least not for long. Well. Maybe if you keep your head above water.

erg. what if it's the wrong place?
i know.
but what if it is?

Quit it.

i'm trying.
(what if it is?)

Stop it.

perhaps i could build a dam.

Ahem. That would make you a beaver.


on tattoos and winkles.


Not ON my winkle, on my tummy silly!


Heh heh.

heheh Nothing. no directional flames.

How about travel stamps? Use-by-date stamps? Chaste arrows and dotted lines?
Cut-along-dotted-line directions?

harrumph. how 'bout "RETURN TO SENDER".



on sheltered existence.

you Obviously live under a rock.

Well duh.

it's okay. it's an easier transition to the cemetery when the time comes.

I've already picked out my urn.


on morals and ethics.

... I think it's important to discern ethics
from morals.

sigh. okay. i'm not feeling moral or ethical today.

Hmmm... What's that like for you?


Michael Barker said...

"…it is to Barker that i owe many proverbially wasted minutes of my day…"

This is dubious praise indeed! In any case, I enjoyed being italicized very much - and in reviewing my thistle-chewing volleys with you, I'm quite pleased that I am sounding more like Eeyore than ever.

steflenk said...

oh no. i meant it in a Good way.
my social skills are going to Hell along with my mind.
may the volleys continue unabated, Sir Barker!

Alison said...

Good luck with your apartment hunt, Stef! I don't know what kind of place you're looking for, but I have a friend who is looking for a fourth roommate, if you're into living with three other people. Drop me an e-mail if you're interested, I'll get you the deets. Cheers!