18 June 2005

aaah, graduation.

well, graduation was as tedious as i had assumed it to be. as i sat in my monastic gown i decided against the path that would see me snoring and falling shamelessly out of my chair and instead chose that of senseless delirium.
so when the keynote alumnae speaker started in on her story of a freak hot air balloon accident she was involved in in her tender youth, which almost left her blinded (i'm so not joking), i Utterly Lost it. i almost managed to convince Cat my classmate to play cards, but we were sitting in the front row as the graduates from the Centennial's telemarketing program wandered off the stage with their strategic photo-opp looks at the crowd, and she was respectful enough to discourage that notion. we managed a few games of hangman, 'til the Head Honcho of Centennial College saw fit to tell us about her shoe fetish in her closing address, at which point i felt dead inside, and as the event rounded to a close, one of the speakers asked us to consider whether or not we felt we had changed.

i promptly got up and declared "I'M NOW A MAN."


it was no doubt this level of excitement, or perhaps my complimentary laundry powder graduation package, or perhaps my Raging hangover of the night before, that made me reach the limits of my energy as my mum and i travelled back into the real world via the LRT. i fought off all the guilt that i had perhaps ruined this ritual day for my dear mum, who actually found the ceremony quite significant, and rested my head on her shoulder for 20 winks.

it was in this split second i Totally went back to being 5, ttc'ing home from a big day wandering around Toronto with said mummy, and promptly made the decision that Everyone in the world should be allowed some small sacred time where they are allowed to be 5.

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