21 June 2005



looking at this the morning after, it looks like a bunny from a Bergman film, staring despondently into the white ether of cyber space.
i'm going to start a series. "harmless things inadvertently made depressing" by stef lenk. (you'll love it Barker, i'll try to find a deflated balloon for you)


Anonymous said...

I like the bunny.
He's not quite creepy, but kind of sad. Like a bunny you'd see at the end of a "help stop child abduction" ad. And this was little Jeremy's favorite bunny. And now he doesn't have him any more because he's been kidnapped (Jeremy, not the bunny).
Oh god stef, you're rubbing off on me...

steflenk said...

(chortle, chuckle, and sigh)
what an EXCELLENT description.
poor little jeremy.
maybe i'll call my next series "Jeremy's drawings"
did you ever see "Jeremy" the little bear on TVO when you were little? (oh, how i doth date myself!) it seemed like this wonderful kids show with this little stuffed bear, but Terrible things were always happening to him. i don't remember what, but i always remember these HUGE crocodile tears running down his face during the opening credits.
i actually had a momentary epiphany the other night where i decided that there was to be a genuine attempt to start with pleasant subject matter, just to see where it goes. one gets tired of all the angst and attempts to record the chaos honestly.
we'll see where it goes, anyhow.