11 June 2005

what i'm doing for an apartment right now.


kim said...

I Want That.
How Do I Get That?
Is it FOR something?
I want The Hands.
Tell me what you want for it.
Respond on this turf.
I Just Love Hands.
Please let me know.

kim said...

"Hiding" Too.
Do You Part With These Things??!!

steflenk said...

i'm not sure yet!
it's a new dedication to doing tiny drawings. ostensibly called "curiosities from the filing cabinet of stef lenk" where i do drawings of pictures, snippits, bits and dross i have in my picture reference collection.
anyhow. i want to do a bunch of them and see if they retain any sort of throughline/narrative potential, before getting rid of any. i also thought if i got into the Hysteria show at Buddies this fall i might be able to have a WHOLE BUNCH of 'em, and since they are so tiny (just a bit bigger than postcard size) i could actually frame them and have a really Cool wall of framed drawings.
so. hmm. can you ask me again in a while if you still want it/them?
i LOVE hands too. it's almost a fetish, i think. i draw them Alot.