05 June 2005

special thanks to...

ladies and gentlemen of the internet, before i begin my day's blogging (ok before i begin my cup of tea which will lead to one last illustration which will lead after that to my days blogging, or to a lengthy discussion with my friend Patrick who is due to call from Delhi today, OR to nothing in particular 'coz i could well decide i've had enough of all of it and do myself in by attempting to stuff myself inside the air conditioner 'coz it's so hot in here)...last night i betook myself to bed with Brick 75 to have a perusal of the final polished product. ahhhh, who says that after three proofreads one doesn't want to see the whole thing again? anyhow, as i flipped away after lingering on the Chris Ware sketches, the Surrey County Lunatic Asylum portraits, and the Kent Nussey ponderings, i found myself on page 173 where i unexpectedly found (dabs hanky to eye momentarily) a SPECIAL THANKS! to ME!! well, a special thanks to lots of important people that i don't know, one gregarious and pee-happy puppy, but me TOO!
for those of you have been entertaining yourselves with this trifling blog for sometime, you may remember a while back when i was quite dismayed to be told by one of my teachers at school that i was not extraordinary, i was nothing special, i was just the same as everyone else.
to that i have these three small words:

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