29 June 2005

ok, i give in.

I've lost my interest in blogpatrol of late, mostly 'coz one of my more clever readers thinks it's funny to taint my google subject matter with stef-blog-specific searches. (like names of my friends all mixed together + the word nudity or some such pap)
Which, to me anyhow, makes it less of an interesting insight into the googling world, and more about some trickster determined to get a laugh. And it really gets on my nerves, to be honest. one mustn't ignore my obvious tendency to get quickly annoyed with people making fun of me (I'm still a recovering 11 year old outcast, keep this in mind.)

however, in this instance, i give in. i don't know if this is my googling blog-trickster-genius, or a real google search, but in case it's real, let's face it, it's a Great one. someone typed the following words into google to see what would come up, and wouldn't you know it, they arrived here: "aimless walking around before you get up can't sleep television addict think you are unattractive fascination with wars"

oh yes, and to the person who commented (on a posting far far away from this one, which they probably got to by googling "Igor toronto stolen bikes", which was recorded on Saturday)... about their brand new Kona getting stolen this Saturday from in front of the reference library, I am not only Utterly and Totally Sympathetic, but somewhat horrified, since I myself spent much of this very Saturday at the reference library myself, so this must well have happened as i sat inside drawing weird clowns and whatnot from the picture collection. It is indeed a Weird and Small and potentially evil world.
I don't have Igor specific advice for you, dear bike-theft-victim, except to be MERCILESS. go in, find the bike, bring a cell phone and call the cops, and DON'T LEAVE THE STORE until you walk out with said bike. Best of Luck.

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