06 June 2005

"These trousers never quit!"

"-- They play pool! They get lost in creepy tunnels!
They mourn over the lost age of polka!"

and with that, dear reader(s), we end the first chapter of "the adventures of stef lenk's astonishing trousers"
said trousers return to me tomorrow, along with miz Gerard, now safely back from grand ole (small l) london.

for chapter 2, i shall accost the incredible and multi-coloured Willow Dawson to take another pair of my self-made pants on her trip to Vancouver.
and, if i'm lucky, the illustrious Kari Minchin will make chapter 3's photographic contribution with stef-pants in her june journey to Canada's west coast! STAY TUNED, GOOD CITIZENS, STAY TUNED!
would that i had had the foresight to offer some exemplary britches to Rebecca to bring to the east coast of Canada last week. sigh. ah well, another chapter, another time.

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