01 June 2005

play by play.

ladies and gentlemen, for the sweet love of my left hand, i've got 10 illustrations down, ONE to go!!!!
and touch ups of course.
from now on i write a bottle of tequila into every freelance contract i take on.


Paula said...

Haiku for glorious, glorious tequila:

El Jimador is,
The release of all things good.
It makes for good quotes.

Chris said...

I've found Patron tequila an effective muse, but not a whole bottle. Good luck!

kim said...

T e Q u i L A

LA QuieT
iT eQuAL
QuiT ALe

Michael Barker said...

Tequila has never been a good spirit in my life, but it has never predicated social disaster in the way an empty bottle of mescal has.

Paula said...

Sweet moses....Mescal = a little taste of insanity.