26 June 2005


in a conversation a few weeks ago, i stated my theory that evil=indifference. that they are synonyms. this theory was countered with the idea that there might be people in the world who don't have enough feeling, literally the way some people have weak muscles, iron deficiencies, gamey legs, some people don't physiologically have enough feeling to handle certain things about life, to feel about life.

i've modified my theory. i believe that evil, and its associated degrees of demonics, is a lack of accountability.
akin to indifference, no accountability means no concern.

no concern gives one the freedom to do whatever one wants, regardless of consequence.
this to me is (literally)inhuman behaviour.
the one thing that separates us from animals is the ability to think about what we do, to consider it, to note its effect on others, to act with compassion, etc. etc.

let's face it, we're all doing stupid shit. but there is an increasing permissiveness in the world; allowing people to act without accountability. emotionally, financially, physically, whatever. it is getting easier and easier for people to find excuses not to be responsible for their behaviour.

i find this Intensely Discouraging.

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