14 June 2005

now someone has gone and done it.

someone has googled "male masturbating vacuum cleaners" and arrived at my fair blog.
this is what happens when one stops checking these things.
and these things must be checked!

but i'll bet it makes you want to keep reading, doesn't it? (sigh.)


prettyslippers said...

How do you do that?

(Check who googles you, I mean.)

steflenk said...


it's embarassing really, how much one can find out. and even more embarassing that i even cared. tho' now i'm less addicted to the traffic numbers and software specs on my readers ('coz i can't read or understand them so i haven't a clue who's actually visiting, just that people are), but i am fascinated by the googling thing.
i'm just a google addict, really.