07 June 2005


ladies and gentlemen of the internet, the website is up. Go hither. try not to chuckle at how freaked i was over the small little dearies, they're much Much bigger (and More Time Consuming to create) in real life; all will be apparent as the year unfolds. and there is one missing. such is the world of strategic marketing and limited webspace. woosh.
all gratuitous praise is welcome, and criticism (Constructive, mind you) as well. now go! WOOOOOO!


Paula said...

Holy cow...your illustrations look fanteriffictastic!!!!

Congratulations...tequila on me. Well...not ON me...that would be kinda gross, but you know what I mean.

kim said...

your talent, skill, ability, eye, is formidable.

prettyslippers said...

oooh. my favorite is 'yours to break' followed by 'cringeworthy'. they all look suitably pretty with just a little bit of sinister, and i mean that with the utmost appreciation.

steflenk said...

alas, as is my (Completely Screwy) wont, i'm already kindda scathing about them. but i do like one thing. i like that they are "suitably pretty with just a little bit of sinister". Thank you Thank You! particularly the "little bit of sinister". i saw that too, and remarked too myself that it was oddly placed, (quite Unintentional) and kindda Perfect.
of course now i'm happily back to drawing mutant babies nailed to telephone pole crucifixes at the moment.
(shrug) what's a nutter to do?

shan said...

stef! these are great! I like "yours to break" best too. HEART!! shan.

steflenk said...

sigh. now that it's been a day or two i would like to confess that, once again, i'm going to make no wide-spread announcement about these 'til i can put 'em up in their entirety (which they were Far from exhibited as on TPM's site) on my own website.
seems so funny to have lost my mind only to have these thumbnails on a website somewhere. although hardly surprising, that's the way of the world, and at least i come out professional (esque) in my efforts.

Christine Estima said...

fucking awesome stef . . . the drawings are compelling, provocative, sexy, infused with passion, and potent with meaning.

but hey, no exposed brains or spines in this one?


steflenk said...

no exposed brains or spines. (sigh) they wouldn't let me!