18 June 2005

Batman begins.

as Monsieur le JP* aptly pointed out, it was a film made by someone who actually respected the story, not some basement comic geek wanker or CGI addict. someone who not only answers all your questions, but answers questions you didn't even know you had.
a True Story, told with the rhythm a story should follow. almost 1 1/2 hours buildup before the whole landslide of action begins. this is an interesting choice to me, given it isn't the safest way to handle this genre, knowing the (ahem) nature of Hollywood audiences. Christopher Nolan (memento) of course. There really should be some sort of "guarantee of quality" stamp of merit on Brit directed films. (i know, generalization...)
but it was really really great.
at the end of the film (Friday night) the whole house applauded, and then one guy said "did we see the same film?".
he obviously didn't realize the latest "independence day" flick was next door, and he had strayed into the wrong cinema.

*(not to be confused with John Patrick JP [yes i know two])

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