29 June 2005

my latest claim to fame.

Rebecca told me today that some uppity sort had once said he was the only man on earth to have read Ulysses twice.
i'm sorry to disappoint, good sir (whoever you are), but i Too, have read Joyce's brilliant work of literary excess twice.
of course, it's been so long ago now, that were i in some life-threatening predicament where i would have to prove this fact, i would most likely die like a dog.
but i do Insist on claiming joint ownership to that Weighty assertion. somehow it gives intellectual weight to my geek-dom.

hmm. perhaps i'm the first female person on earth to have read Ulysses twice?
perhaps there are many of us out there? closeted sorts, who are hesitant to admit to this? perhaps there should be a support group?

I hereby send out the call, to those of you who have read Ulysses more than once, may you step forth into the blog-light, and be acknowledged in your full glory!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

do I win something? what do I win as the SECOND female to clain this?