08 June 2005


the very first time i heard about blogs was 4 years ago, i think.
some girl i was waitressing with said "i have a blog" and i said "what's a blog" and she said "it's an online journal thingy" and i said "oh."
and i went home and i looked and i found it, and read some lengthy and meandering ingredients list from her previous night's enterprise making spaghetti sauce.

i'm pretty sure i snorted with tremendous disdain, and never went back.


so tonight i was privy to the culinary mastery of my long-time dear friend Scott and it's just left me in a state of True and Utter Bliss. (now i'm a philistine, so i will need to be corrected on the name of the recipe) eggs au gratin with peppers and chorizo. accompanied by a healthy smattering of wine, a scott-made mélange of musical glee from the likes of the Manics,Levellers, Sheep on Drugs,Sigue Sigue Sputnik, the beloved NMA of course (and more), followed by tea, pecan tart and cheesecake courtesy of kensington, and some of the Finest Conversation known to humanity. (sigh)
watched the Office for the first time, followed by a documentary on the making of Withnail & I, and all in all there was so much Anglophilic indulgence that it was almost (Almost) too much to bear.

Long-Time Friends, Good Food, and Cultural Indulgences of a foreign nature are Unparalleled Treasures. Truly, Truly.

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