31 May 2005


i would also like to make a quick public announcement that some guy let me ride his electric scooter tonight and i rode it for three blocks and it was Forty Thousand Shades of Bliss and i WANT ONE.
in the shameless rich westerner capitalist way that we...rich shameless westerners are, i WANT ONE.
my birthday is october 1st, and they are $500 second hand. take note potential sugar daddies.


kim said...

i Love "Forty Thousand Shades of Bliss"; protect that noggin of yours.
And though i am no sugar daddy, when the windfall's sweet...

Michael Barker said...

Why settle for an electric scooter when you could havea moped?

steflenk said...

Barker that was a merciless thing to do.
note to self- find $700.