31 May 2005

the all-night supermarket in the midst of a nervous breakdown.

i went to the all night supermarket to buy milk for tomorrow morning's tea and the guy in front of me had bought the night-shift cashier flowers. that's all. he just gave 'em to her and left. she said he had been in earlier in the day buying flowers for himself (!!!) and she had commented on how nice flowers are. so he just came back and bought her flowers.
i nearly wept shamelessly in my post TPM fundraiser drunkeness.

well good citizens of the internet, i have forty thousand thoughts on my weekend at TCAF but right now my eyeballs are bleeding and my brain is exploding with this Bloody illustration deal, so i shall leave you hanging 'til either the 6th of June, or 'til i just CANNOT handle a stef-less life any longer, and give in to the veritable plethora of stray philosophical preponderances the weekend filled me with.
we'll see.
so there.
stay tuned.

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