04 May 2005

public service announcement and entreaty too...

so, dear reader(s), at long last, after all this humming and ha'ing, i have given notice on my fair apartment. i will finally be leaving the east end for fairer pastures come July. sigh. where? i don't know. how? bless it i don't know either, and somehow i doubt all my books will fit in that crumpled up satchel at the end of my travelling stick that i moved in here with.
but there you have it. times change. if anyone is looking, or knows anyone who is looking, to move for the month of July, click, click, click. i've Geekily put a few pictures up of said place, along with the necessary skinny. it's really a pretty decent abode, and my neighbours are choice, although some warning should be made about the dilapidated state of the actual building. i call it "urban flavour".
but we all knew i'd turn into a little-less-urban-building kind of gal, didn't we?
wow. that was quick. it's tomorrow, and it's spoken for. by more than one person, even! guess that decides things rather irrevocably, doesn't it?

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