24 May 2005

those kids...

when i was in middle/high school i used to hate (didn't we all?) the clubhouses and the in-kids and the special passwords, none of which, of course, i was ever privvy too. yes, dear reader(s), i was one of those kids.
nowadays, with me being all grown up and everything, i assume that is the stuff of the past, a slight nostalgic chortle over tea and the wisdom of age.
then, every so often, i find myself at an event by accident and realize that i had it all wrong being bitter; the passwords were of course to keep the other kids out, but this is in fact an unwitting Favour, for we would find nothing of interest as non-card carrying members.
and if i think about it for a second, it kind of makes sense. community close-knitedness comes as a result of creating a set of like-minded interests/preoccupations that are not for the common populus.
i guess, anyhow.
would i want someone interested in cookbooks showing up to talk about souffle and the volatile nature of aspargus at my comic/graphic novel tea outings? probably not.
the key is specificity.
unfortunately, events marketing is not always specific.
sometimes events marketing wastes my Time.
and that is Very Frustrating Indeed.


JP said...

does this have to do with that reading you attended?

shan said...

the fun fur oven mitts are haunting me still.

steflenk said...

jp you are all-seeing in a way i cannot fathom.
and yes, i too am beseiged with apprehension when i think of what lurks behind overturned tables at the rivoli.
forgive me puppeteers and those well intentioned...