14 May 2005

Guest Bytch

i almost forgot! i'm the "Guest Bytch" on Shebytches.ca for the next two weeks! there's a spread of selected artwork from my last two series "Gravely Disturbed" and "Inside Sylvia Plath's Oven" on this site, which is a Fantastic and voluminous e-zine to do with a new kindda feminism run by some of the most Supportive fellow writers/artists i've encountered in a while. This will be followed (on shebytches) by a couple of articles/rant type things that are culled from this very blog, so check it out if you feel so inclined.
Also, Shebytches will have a table at Toronto's Small Press Book Fair on 21st May, which promises to be a Very Awesome event as well, so come one, come all!

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kim said...

nice going bytch ;)