20 May 2005

Shannon Gerard, We're Your NUMBER 1 FANS.

i'm breakin' every rule in my bloggin' book tonight. you know when you clickity click and you see those blogs that are just photos of complete strangers sitting around in each others' rec rooms drinking beer and such, and you think, who are these people and why are they on my computer screen, and why DO i waste my time clicking that top right blogger button, and what about the masters degree i was gonna go complete someday, or that novel i was gonna write?
well, TONIGHT, ladies and gentlemen, i'm breakin' all the rules. i am not only wandering over to that dark side of blogging, i'm hitching up my skirts and sidling over with a couple of WICKED ladies in tow.
and All for Shannon Gerard.
Shannon Gerard (this is Shannon Gerard here)
(this is it, this is my first divergence into "photos of strangers for all you strange readers out there. so far so good)
is one of the Coolest chicks on earth, and tonight was the launch of her comic book "Hung" (volume 1), and it was at Clinton's, complete with Totally Jedi hand stamps, the Ludes, door prizes, and star wars trivia. i should say that door prizes included HAND SCREENPRINTED (oh yes, by Shannon herself) star wars t-shirts, and banana flavoured condoms, and a novel of some description, and writing utensils in case you wanted to write something down, and two "bitter" t-shirts that she GAVE away, along with the story that she made them for some guy's band, and then he said he'd "Call Her".
ah, yes, the "i'll Call You" tactic.
yes girls, we've all been there, but i ask you, CAN WE ALL SAY THAT WE MADE THE T-SHIRT?
Shannon has raised the idea of beginning a "Crappy exes" trading card collection with Willow and I as her first contributors, as our first compendium project. AWESOME.

(photo courtesy of Tyrone McCarthy)
this is the three of us. and we are So Fucking Cool.
how bloggerly of me. what FUN.
happy Book launch Shannon, you are the Best "Hung" comic book artist EVER.


Michael Barker said...

I don't know how I feel about this convergence between Toronto's three most colourful and enthusiastic tussle-headed femalian comic artists. I've met 2 out of 3 of the conspiracy, and read a bit of the third, and this can only mark either:

1) The end of the universe.


2) The beginning of the universe.

Jury's still out from my corner - The 'crappy exe's' trading cards sounds so very clever (and bitter) as does the 'call her' T-shirt - it's all genius, there's no doubt - and yet it all makes me strangely nervous. Tremble. Tremble.

sorry I missed the launch,


steflenk said...

it's the Beginning, Middle, AND End of the universe. we just have to figure out which of us is responsible for what.
the t-shirts were actually t-shirts for said guy's band, the ungrateful bastard.
is it just me or is there a weird personality clash in the universe between people who do TOO MUCH for all those people who do not return the efforts?

Michael Barker said...

Well there are three of you, so there's roles for everyone!

As for the T-shirts - I think someone should immediately make T-Shirts that read either:

1) I'll call you
2) Call Her
3) Stop Calling me


Anonymous said...

Being both a crappy ex, as well as a person who seems to do nothing in return for any favour ever bestowed upon me, I would like to offer a sincere ear to your forum. From your point of view, for you to express your views on our relationship as it was and how it disintigrated into what it has become. Totally unhindered by any need whatsoever to edit fascinates me.
This is not intended as anything other than an inqiry. I'm quite distanced from it all, but feel (as you have told me) as though I've created a huge amount of grief in your life. For that I am truly sorry, but I'm still confused... and curious.

steflenk said...

hmm. i don't have any exes named anonymous. thanks for the offer of the sincere ear though; perhaps you could offer a sincere voice instead?
let's start with your definition of "crappy" for the perspective, for my "crappy exes" collectors card project, and for anyone else who may be reading this?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
steflenk said...

hmm. the above constitutes my very first instance of conscious censorship. if anyone would like some Extremely personal information about an ex-boyfriend of mine, feel free to email me and i will pass it along, to respect his desire to reveal information (via my blog) about childhood events in his life at the age of 8.
in the interests of staying on topic, this blog posting was about a book launch and an art project.
i would ask that he, and anyone else who reads this blog, refrain from comments that are not specifically related to the postings at hand.
this is a request i have made in person to the aforementioned gentleman already, and i ask that he respect it. (slight bow) thanks.

shan said...

stef, willow-- we are the three artists of the apocalypse.

you are the sweetest!