09 May 2005

do you know what i Love right now?

of course you don't, that's why you are still reading.
i LOVE the fact that most of my life right now takes place in historical Toronto buildings. Brick, Coach House, Passe Muraille...even my yoga classes are in a historical building, complete with one of those creaky cranky elevator cages. all these Old buildings. i LOVE that. i feel it very apt to be surrounded by wooden doors and fireplaces and William Morris-esque wallpaper and inlaid bookshelves and decrepit stairwells and stain glass windows.

in Toronto, no less!?! who knew?!?!

somehow it makes my recent strayings from dead authors in favour of (shiver) contemporary ones more palatable.

although i do vaguely question the meretricity (sic sic sic) of the "historical" new lamp fixture at the bottom of the George Brown stairwell.

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