15 May 2005

eorge-Gay u-bl-ewe-dWay ush-Bay.

after a long discerning conversation, Rebecca and i decided that i should write a scathing review of the politician this post is titled after (disguised in pig latin so the fascist armerican customs officers won't peg my blog and forbid me from crossing their precious border).
since no doubt the man googles himself daily (what the hell else could he be doing of Any merit to us at all?), perhaps he will contest my criticisms and i could debate him on it with precision and alacrity, and the forum would at last come down to the people that matter, and we could finally see an End to this cretin and regain some harmony in the world!

(sigh.) one small step for bloggers, one Great Justice for people-kind.


JP said...

You dream, darling. You dream. And you're working on the assumption that he can even read.

kim said...

You'd ream, you'd ream!! o-Gay ef-Stay!!

steflenk said...

so true. so true. okay, so i couldn't resist: what follows isnumber 7 on one of the numerous "the stupid things George W. Bush says" lists, which abound on this blessed internet: "you teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test"-feb.21, 2001.
sweet gods, save us. sweet people, Do Something.