14 May 2005

Life before Dread.

found this photo in a shoe box of nostalgia the other day. i had almost forgotten life before Dreads. which, as you can see, seems just as mopey and melancholic as my life DDE (during Dread era).

strangely, the other night i had a dream that all my dreads had broken off at exactly the same place just below the nape of my neck, and i was carrying the dread-dritus around in a pile, looking for a way/person/place to sew them back on.

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Meirav said...

Hey Stef,

Well, I did it! I finally checked your entire web-site and The Blog! I had to comment on this one... because I remember when you had pink hair, greenish hair, short blond (after you had your hair in dreads the first time for a film and it took hours and much pain to have them removed...); oh yes.. the days... Tiger Lily's, Stef's hair sagas and all those shrimp dumplings.

That's all I have write. Nothing intelligent, nothing funny (although I must confess I find myself funny and will write something highly entertaining next time...); Gotta go study.

Right. For my final adieu... I am very impressed with your website, your artwork and the freelance work you have done so far! I had NO idea!!! okay... go ahead, blush..(it's okay, your'e among friends...); really... looking at all you've done I felt slightly ashamed by my own accomplishments, but most sincerely, very proud of having a friend like you - okay.. to mushy must go.

Signing off,


PS. As I wrote my name, I realized that some sort of a phenomenon of people giving themselves porn names is out there and very popular. The most unassuming people have porn names... I EVEN HAVE ONE... I'm Peaches (not to be confused with the musician.. obviously!); anyways, would like to know your thoughts sometime.

Meirav aka "Peaches" aka "Sweet As Peaches" & "Good Times"