21 May 2005

wisdom quoted mercilessly from Shannon Gerard.

this is from the blog of the Awesomely awesome Shannon Gerard and i love it. heheh. i am a shameless groupy this weekend of Shannon Gerard and Willow Dawson. everyone needs superheroines, dear reader(s), and these girls wrote the book (i'm going to add an appendix too, as well as a short bonus story entitled "the Adventures of stef lenk's astonishing trousers" where cool people i meet get to borrow my amazing pants and take them on trips and take photos of them in Russia and such to send back and make stories about)

ladies and gentlemen of blog-land, we give you the Girls miss-Guided, our new femalian comic artists' collective. complete with little blue dresses and like-minded socks and badges to be.

as for the below, i plagarized without asking. i promise to take it down if need be...

7. The disintegration of a fantasy may be the worst kind of loss, since you can't articulate a loss which produces no tangible absence. When you can't point to anything actually missing, it starts to get complicated.

i LOVE this.

ok. blog blog blog. enough. must drink tea and do things.

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