30 April 2005

ACHTUNG! Bloooggg... Suuucckiiinggg.... Mee..... IINNNNNNN.

ladies and gentlemen of the internet, it's an Addiction, let's face it.
i'm taking a few days off to indulge in some significant real life encounters to ensure that i'm still socially acceptable as a functioning human being.
not to mention my Drawing, dear reader(s)! my Drawing!
but soon i will rejoin you (well,your computer screens) with finely tuned thoughts on naked lady blogs and a (hopefully less Venomous than it is now) review of the sex-doll documentary Barker and i saw on Friday night.
Too much fun. so safe, so cyber, so Bloggy. i mean, Come on, dear citizens of the internet, it's a SATURDAY NIGHT! WHAT am i DOING?!!?!
forsooth! my pencil and papers beckon. sigh. would that i had some ice cream too.


JP said...

CTFO. Blogging is no more or no less an addiction than letter writing. And I have to say, I NEVER heard you say "Oh my sweet jumping lima beans I write too many letters, I should slow down, it's an addiction." I think we tend to be quick to call addictions things that we feel bad for enjoying.

steflenk said...

okay okay i'm Back! less than a couple of hours later! it's not so much that, though you are SO utterly right and my heart pitter patters excitedly even Thinking about the copious epistles i penned in times gone by (Bliss Bliss BLISS!)
but the other night i was out with Michael who has been visiting occasionally and it was like "i don't know if you've read this already but..."
i need to have some small talk left IRL!!!

and Okay. what is CTFO. i'm still a novice, you know!

kim said...

It is strange too, that we seek comfort and solitude Within the very devices that create disconnect. But read and write where you can, you know?!! Ideally, i'd like to speak to people through a screen on my chest; only revealing Text.ure to the listener After they watched me contemplate with pen and paper Before the illuminated version appears. B'ionic conectars. bzzzz.

steflenk said...

read and write where you can, Yes.
but i Absolutely Do Not Agree with using email (or blogs) as an Alternative to real-life communication.
some relationships are suited to that. but i don't consider them "Relationships"; i consider them escapist diversions, and dangerous ones at that.
it is easier to selectively edit the written word than the spoken one.
hence my cautionary nature.
i imagine i'm still within fairly reasonable boundaries with my email/blog addictions. i am reasonably well socialized (heheh, "reasonably"), and am out of my house more than i am in it, which is helpful.

there is work involved in having to be in the social world with our own and other peoples' foibles, making the best of our gloriously flawed and human ways of relating to each other.

and dude, it is SO Worth it.

kim said...

The whole bionic chest/after pen and paper thing was meant to come across as a means to express my weighty Involvement in conversations In The Real World. Like, if people could See the process by which i come to choose my words In Reality, i would feel more visible/valuable or something; insert emotive icon("foible, foible").
It's not about editing oneself around others in cyberspace, or in reality, or Escaping; but commanding and seeking equally "effusive" attention.

steflenk said...

an apology to the anonymous commenter who left some compliments about my blog here. unfortunately, this is the age where ambiguous compliments like "well done" with emoticons and a link nested into a punctuation mark, only set off spam alerts in my head.
so i deleted it.
feel free to compliment me in a way that actually refers to MY blog, and isn't some form that could refer to any number of blogs being spammed by the hour. if you were for real, you have my genuine apologies, and thanks for the kudos.