17 April 2005

springtime and a saturday night.

tonight Barker and i saw a naked man running down the street at bloor and ossington, at around 9pm-ish. we were babbling away and then i said "oh look, there's a naked man across the street" and Barker said "why, so there is!" and then we kept walking.
he did pause for a moment in front of a shoe store and then raced south down ossington, figuring it was closed, i guess, so nothing would be had of window shopping.

a sure and significant sign that spring is in the air.


Uhclem said...

Singers is a great shoe store. I can't think of any shoe store I'd sooner run naked in front of

steflenk said...

(sounds of uncontrollable laughter from the east end.)

Michael Barker said...

Stef, Your leaving out the best part, which is that we were busily ducking alt-porn maven D.F. (who we were circumstantially sharing a street corner with) when the naked (and buff) man made his appearance. D.F. appeared not to notice the streaker, or he's so world weary as to be completely unphased.

Spring is in the air and the punters can't even keep their pants on.

And speaking of ducks... you ducked mentioning the movie we went to see... which features a cat named duck... go on now, fess up.

steflenk said...

goodness. it's True, isn't it! D.F and his oblivity (sic) to the naked man was probably the most significant part of the whole event!
although i can Very Safely say that the shamefully bad movie we saw really Wasn't.

steflenk said...

and i don't remember the cat named Duck, at all. that might have been a redeeming feature, had i remembered it.