22 April 2005

and last but Absolutely NOT least for the evening.

tomorrow i go in to Coach House for my first day doing a little part-time (thumpa thumpa) production work there. Coach House, the land of ancient presses, overstuffed chairs, poetry inscribed in the driveway, and books up to the roof. and yes, for the modernists and Addicts amongst us, some very lovely macintoshes as well.
Dear reader(s), my excitement Cannot be underestimated.
with the luck i've been having of late, i have this recurring image in my head of the Gods consulting their ledgers..." s. lenk, s. lenk... by the Great Guns of Gudrun, we've got it ALL wrong! it's STEPHEN LENK who's meant for such fortuity. stop her! strike her down! quickly! before she gets to the children!

(not my children, by the way. just to be clear, dear reader(s).
they are not even a twinkle in my proverbial eye.)

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