20 April 2005

theater passe dachau.

alright. so i'm going to give all (any) of you privileged reader(s) who happen upon this the skinny on the first illustration for Passe Muraille's season brochures.

i need to preface it with a quick caveat: to anyone who may happen upon this who is a part of Passe Muraille's next season, who is affiliated with Passe Muraille or invested in it in any way... DON'T WORRY. the image you see below this is NOT going to be used to promote the grand ole' place. i post this image as part of this self-involved blogging preoccupation that constitutes my navel-gazing attempts to understand pathological inclinations.
(was that a mouthful?)
we agreed that an overall image would suffice for the May mailing brochure, due to time constraints and the need to be inclusive at this early point...not something specific to the plays of the season perse, but something indicative of ... you know... Passe Muraille, "Theatre Beyond Walls" (their mandate, for the uninitiated) etc. etc.
bandying about ideas, Sue came up with an idea i was IMMENSELY sympathetic to, namely the use of an illustration of the building (which is gloriously old, historic, iconic, and all that) with it's roof laid open and hands pushing out against the walls.
perhaps a bit literal, "theatre beyond walls" but with potential for an excellent and interesting image...and meaning i could draw (thumpa thumpa) hands Hands HANDS! (i like hands)
seems harmless enough, right? one would think, anyhow.
(sigh) behold, dear reader(s):

as Sue most aptly commented before sending me back to the drawing board: sweetheart, it's a little too Auschwitz.  "For you, it’s a light and frothy picture, for the average bear it is quite dark in tone."

SO true! SO weird! my poor performers, looking like they aren't stretching boundaries, but clammering to get out of the gas chambers!

dear reader(s), how does this happen? HOW?!?!

you will be happy to know that we have arrived at a working idea that is significantly more...optimistic in nature.


Christine Estima said...

honey, i can't see your drawing! it's not working . . . but hey, unless you drew a group of jewish / roma / sinti / gypsy / homosexual people atrophied and tattooed, locked behind barbed wire, i don't see how it could be "auschwitz."

steflenk said...

dude. HILARIOUS. that's 'coz i'm posting it at the VERY moment you are trying to look at it.
patience, my dear goblin, patience. :]

uhclem said...

Since it won't be used I can say it...it's theatre without roofs...they're all still trapped by the walls.

Great drawing though.

JP said...

"Theatre without roofs" Okay that made me laugh and pee and have latté coming out of my nose all at the same time. I do agree, great drawing.

steflenk said...

thanks guys.
the roof thing was not lost on me, i must insist.
what can i say?! it's hardto make walls that are full of historical windows and all that look like stretchy fabric being pushed against.
(a cyber proffering of a hanky to jp)

kim said...

coincidentally, my friend asked me to look up the "Wahl" warehouse number today so that she could get her turbo vibe fixed (she uses it a lot). she missed the 4:30 closing time but expressed a Certain relief because she "would have spent the entire weekend in bed" (true story). perhaps theater passe muraille's brochure could boast it's ability to lure people away from other oral pleasures...
T he ate'r beyond Wahls.

steflenk said...

the illustrations are for a theatre, not a bordello.
not that i would be opposed to illustrating for a bordello...but that would be a different story altogether.