16 April 2005

and some pithy one-liners from the evening that followed...

on regret for past ills:
Rebecca: at what point can we stop blaming age for our mistakes?
Michael: when we're dead. "sorry i smell so bad, but i'm dead." nope. doesn't work. can't blame yourself.

on post modern art:
Rebecca (affecting the air of one of those ridiculous intellectual wankers we all love so much): oh yes the (place incongrous "art" object and ridiculous thematic explanation here) means the state of my soul... and the macaroni is just for decoration"

on tofu:
Michael: you start with the soya bean, you know, a noble enough food. then that gets turned into tofu, which is already a little dodgy, and then you do tofu-urkey, which is just dishonest. i can't eat it on a mere matter of principle. it's just a dishonest food.

stef: if i could just get rid of my ego things would go alot more smoothly for me.
Michael: have you figured out a way to get rid of your ego?
stef: i tried leaving it in your office, but it was too big to fit.

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