16 April 2005

branding.(from the gossip flowchart of an email rambling.)

Barker suggested a few days ago that i should brand myself, he said he'd help me with my marketing campaign:
really? i said. as what?
Brand StefLenk.
of course.
Excellent. all lowercase please, with a period at the end.

only for the most worthy, erudite, and romantically inclined consumer."

i'll go all-caps when i go national so people will still be able to hear me from far away.


Anonymous said...

a small rant from an anonymous commenter.
"branding" has be come the ultimate buzzword that drives me absolutely batshit. It has become a catchall phrase for copyright, trademark,wordmark, logo etc.
What people are missing? The true definition of brand: YOUR BRAND IS YOUR PROMISE YOU MAKE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS.
easy example: the volvo logo is the font in which they write their name. It is also their name and their trademark. The Volvo BRAND is "safety".
Brand is what your consumer thinks when they think of you - perhaps sadly your brand has virtually NOTHING to do with what YOU think of you, but what OTHERS think of you.
Closer to home example - lovely miss lenk, if you were to start illustrating pink teddybears and fluffy things for children's books you would be going against the stef lenk brand.
Never mind. I was up early today for a meeting with this fabulous designer who is designing a brochure for my theatre season.

steflenk said...

how interesting. perhaps if our products and our promises were the same thing on a more regular basis in this world, branding wouldn't be so necessary.
"safety" to me is always closest when people/products can be counted on to be telling the truth/being what they claim to be.
what's also fascinating is this: what is a more accurate branding? your own brand of yourself, or others' brand of you? can you even brand yourself as you sit inside it all and try to figure out what you're on about?
i'm not sure i could brand myself if i tried actually! although i could brand my past self with some accuracy. but only with the products (photos/journals/drawings/other peoples' stories of me) that i have retained to guide me.
ha! no branding without product i guess! get to work, miz lenk!

i imagine your designer is doing cartwheels in the distance, working for someone who gives these things such a valuable pondering. :]