21 April 2005

Oswald Hall.

the following was written on the back of this gentleman's subscription renewal to Brick:

"you recommend a 10 year subscription.
that would end in 2015
i was born in 1908
there is a statistical possibility that i will reach the age of 207 but the probability is very remote!"

oh. Dear Dear Mister Oswald.

Michael promptly insisted that Yohannes renew the man's subscription for the next 10 years, writing him a note by hand to include with the renewal: (and i'm paraphrasing somewhat in retrospect) "we received your notice and have determined that your statistical probability of survival to the year 2015 will increase significantly with your receiving Brick, so we have extended your subscription for 10 years at no extra cost to you. we hereby INSIST that you live to the age of 207."

this was my Very Favourite Part of the Entire Day.

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