25 April 2005

a thought for the self-absorbed who never want to line up at Hot Docs.

SAG (self absorbed git; invariably unattractive and whiney pitched): i bought this ticket so i wouldn't have to line up!
stef: well, you don't have to line up at all. you can go and stand across the street and stare at the line-up if you want, and chuckle to yourself that you have your ticket (just as they do) but aren't standing in line. but when you come back,you have to respect that there is a line-up. and wait 'til it's gone before going in. (pithy logic courtesy of Ron K.)

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Alison said...

Hi Stef! I saw you at HotDocs last night (you handed me and my mom rush tickets), but you were clearly stressed by all the crazy people in line, so I didn't get a chance to say a proper hello. I'll be at the Bloor again tomorrow night for Gymnast, though - I'll be sure to say hi then, if you're there. Hope people are better behaved the rest of the week!