07 September 2005

window gardens,Drunkenness, and more thoughts on editing.

well, it seems like i've become a raging alcoholic, seeing as i've been rather inadvertently Drunk for the past six days. i blame cottages, greenery, fresh air and subsequently Miz "Panty" (grr)* Silver Slayter's birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIZ SLAYTER, i say, as i stumble groggily into the office, sunflowers in hand, and back out to the patio after the work day is through.
don't get me wrong, though, Bacchus' appeal has never been more apparent, in these last flailing nights of summer and patio life.

we are attempting a trial separation of our garden windows as of today, for a reason that i ruefully confess has some validity...it seems that for all my complaining about the dead plants, i've been Woefully neglectful of watering them..Woefully.
i cruelly decided this morning that our dying orchid was fit for the garbage, at which point Miz Slayter digustedly stepped in to rescue it and took me to task on my dismissive ways.
she has taken the orchid to her caring/nurturing window, and i've resolutely made a...resolution... to coddle our orange tree on my side of the office that we may see more fruitful results than our first little orange, which was valiantly orangizing and then fell off and is now disintegrating into the soil, no doubt due to my slovenly watering duties.

further discussion about the art of editing yielded this idea that i think might be part of what makes editing so difficult for me. the excruciating thing is this notion that anything needs to be left behind, that anything is less valuable.
it's like Love. (in the Grand all encompassing sense of the word). i've never really defined it for myself as being about Less. or not so far anyways. the idea that something so Big could be about Less is just Very weird to me.
but it is, sometimes. R explains it as a paring down of the proverbial greater truth. of being just as conscious of the words/ideas (etc) that get in the way of speaking your heart and thoughts clearly, as of the words with which you do so.

as of right now we are so close to having a complete Brick 76 that i'm Giddy.
all that's left,practically, is the physical Making of it. and that is MY JOB!!!! WOOHOOOO!!!


the "p" word was for my cohorts edification, not mine, i must clarify. i still think it's an atrocious word. ugh.

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