05 September 2005

everything i need to know i learnt from somebody else's dog.

i spent a GLORIOUS GLORIOUS and totally unexpected weekend at a cottage with five lovely people, four of whom were complete strangers before the trip. all this thanks to two last minute cancellations and a fortuitous phone call from my friend kari.

during our first of a couple of canoe trips of drunken revellry and skinny dipping, we had to leave one of the dogs (a sheperd/lab half breed) behind 'coz she was so exciteable her owner thought she would tip the canoe as we headed out.
. . .ah, labradors.
they are my favourite dogs, of course.
and as we rowed away and she ran after us along the land until she could no longer follow, i thought, yes, that is the problem with labradors.
then we saw a labrador in a shop on the drive back and it was exciteable for Absolutely No reason when we walked by it, and i thought it was Highly Unnecessary and being just a little bit stupid. and of course the poor owner was left to tug mercilessly at it as it whinnied and jumped and tried to make its way after us. how people live with them, Especially in a city where they can't possibly be around enough to cater to them, is Beyond me.

anyhow. labradors aside, there was much drinking, much conversation, So Much Bonfire, and food the likes of which i rarely eat any more. Complete BLISS.
i have not, in the past, seen myself as someone who would enjoy a cottage stay...in general, being somewhere that quiet for more than a day makes me Insane.
but it was unexpectedly welcome, and allowed the dust to settle significantly on my worries of late regarding drawing, writing, book-making, and other such idyllic notions.
amongst other things i finally made the decision to let this whole book notion, whatever i mean by that, Drop.

now i can work with what i'm actually doing for a change.

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kim said...

Your weekend sounded amazing. Skinny dipping is so liberating.
And Ahh Yes, The Book Notion.
I liberated myself a while back with a silly poem.


Pressure Sucks.
Living intrinsically Now is Hard too, but Freeing, and If a Bok-Boko comes along that line (which I have a strong feeling it will, with You) than Cool.
So strange how our desires to Have or Do can Fuck with our sense of calm.
More fun to Be A Book.