29 September 2005


spent half of yesterday in some vague euphoria with no determined point of origin, the other half of the day in the usual panic of troubles and anxiety, and today in a pleasant sort of melancholy that comes from the onset of autumn. FINALLY a night to myself as well, i'm half stymied as to what to do first.
first a rest, methinks. read the new "shame" issue of kiss machine, which is Great. Emily Pohl Weary Most Generously published one of my illustrations in it, which has me tickled pink. Yippety!
nothing else of significance, i'm afraid; have eaten soup, have purchased some fudge, and have resumed my perusal of the famous five adventures.
i must confess, tho' i'm easily pleased these days, it was obviously Astonishingly easy to please me when i was nine. there is something to these books that seems like a simpler time gone by, and reading them is both a pleasure and a bit melancholy-inducing. Good Gods. i'm about to be 32. WOWW.

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