09 September 2005

happy birthday Monsieur le Jp, and HAPPY new Yoga beginnings!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Monsieur le JP, my happy yogi compadre, ever calm and composed, despite his three hours of sleep last night, preparing for the Much Anticipated opening of octopus garden yoga studio.
as one of many people i know who have felt a noteable, how shall we say, "shift" in atmosphere at Downward Dog yoga over the years, i Must make a Serious plug for JP and Scott and Pat, three of the Best teachers at Downward Dog, for striking out and starting fresh with Octopus Garden. it's totally immensely exciting to me that the seed of what made me start yoga at DD 6 years ago, which I personally felt to be somewhat diluted by DD's evolution and movement forward, has been uprooted, replanted, and recreated with care and professionalism in the annex. so i wish the best and all peace for Downward Dog, and i wish Even Better for Octopus Garden.
what follows is my shameless bloggey plug; since the spammers have invaded my blog, i feel only a bit less guilty indulging in a bit of shameless marketing: GO GO GO to Octopus Garden if you are a yoga person. go if you Aren't. Seriously. Go.

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