17 September 2005

coach house press's 40th anniversary

a bit belated of course, but Coach House Press celebrated its 40th anniversary earlier this week and it was FANTASTIC; a Truly Moving event.
thursday morning my liver officially moved to an as yet unaccessible place for the next couple of weeks to recover from the revellry and excess. all alcohol, caffeine, and any other adrenaline producing agent has since been unwelcome; it's peppermint tea and soporifics all the way.

anyhow, the me of about five years ago would have been Utterly Astounded to discover just how rich any one place in Toronto might be. the me of today was utterly honored to think i might have some modern-day involvement, however small, with this same place.

i know i'm going to paraphrase it badly, but Karen Hines (C/H author and playwright extraordinaire) spoke of Coach House as a place where the "word, image and the book are all treated equally".
i LOVE that. what a Truly Worthy endeavour for any place to undertake. yes yes Yes.

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