23 September 2005

schmoozing and my glorious winter scarf of times gone by.

i'm not sure why the globe and mail decided that Miz Rebecca and I were truthy worthy substitutes for Michael Redhill, but it is for this naive blessing we were grateful as we wandered around the CARLU for some schmooze party or another on tuesday night.
the great thing about looking like me during these "business/formal attire" events, is, i mean, COME ON. i mean REALLY. "business/formal". HA.
so i had free reign from the moment i stepped in. we were of the crowd pegged by the bartenders as the stragglers, which was just fine with me as i drank my gin martini with a scotch rinse (thank you, Miz R, for the suggestion) and feasted shamelessly on all manner of gustatory extravagances. R decided that really someone (her) should take it upon themselves to be the Robin Hood of Cultural Enlightenment, since Noone around us seemed to have as good a time, Or take Nearly as much bliss from the copious amounts of food available to 10,000 shades of dull creatures hovering around us in their suits and their false smiles.
in terms of cultural enlightenment for my own good self, i got to hear Mister Rick Mercer speak, and before tuesday night, i didn't even know who the guy was.
and he was funny! it's true!

but here's the even crazier thing.
now many (none) of you may remember my glorious handmade doctor seuss scarf, that has coddled me winter after winter for the last 10 years or so. it took me four or more months to knit it back in '93, and by the time i was finished it was Spring.
for the 10 years subsequent, the dear old thing could wrap around my entirety about three times, and guarantee coziness in the depths of our harsh winters in the great white north up here.
'til about a year ago or so, when i lost it.
i grieved, i mourned, i figured it was fate.

Until i was watching a clip of one of Mister Mercer's spoof ads the other night, this one a take on "Ontario, yours to grow" or some such thing, with people trolloping around the city with huge pot plants.
and Suddenly, there was this girl being interviewed spoofily, standing on King and Bay, WEARING MY SCARF.

you laugh perhaps, but it was TRUE.
they showed her three times, and she was wearing MY scarf, brown, crimson and off white stripes, with the extra tiny stripe stitch that comes from me being a terrible knitter and not being able to change colours properly, AND the identical chunks and chew marks off the edges that Also come from me being a Terrible knitter and having no proper sense of casting off or on again in new colours. my beloved scarf that has seen my neck through a third of my life on this planet, (slight pause as i wipe a tear from my eye) my Wonderful Wonderful Winter Scarf.

if Anyone knows a girl with short bleachy blonde hair that starred in a spoof ad on the Rick Mercer Monday report, PLEASE PLEASE tell her i would offer a More than Adequate reward for the recovery of my Beloved Winter Scarf, and would happily replace it with one for herself, would that she was willing to return it to me.


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