20 August 2005

the Greater Truth.

i think it's the mere need to blog something that calls to mind the other day's conversation, when R and i discussed Honesty. i was saying that it was this religious tenet of mine for years and years to be relentlessly (and quite often offensively) honest down to the tiniest detail.
then along came this idea of the Greater Truth. from somewhere.
for some reason i think it was alain de botton, who's really just a Bloody Brilliant author,
the Greater Truth. the idea that noone will tell you you have an ugly baby.
and noone should.
someone asks "do i look good in this outfit?" and really, you're none too impressed. but the person asked is a loved one, and for that reason, they look Great. the outfit is Insignificant. the real question becomes apparent: "do you love me do you care about me do you find me attractive (in this outfit)?"
the Greater Truth is Yes.
the importance is to speak to the Greater Truth i think, when dealing with conflicting feelings. what's more important? my honest feelings about an ugly outfit, or my honest feelings about the Loved one wearing it?


kim said...

Greater Truth either maintains or uplifts the space between people. period.
Loved visualising the Lamppost in London bit.
you sound content, good.
keep writing...;)

steflenk said...

how Very true.