18 August 2005

on the nature of misapprehended postings.

i would hereby like to retract my previous misapprehended posting and post my accolades and praise to Rebecca Silver Slayter, as the smallest token of gratitude for allowing me to constantly pilfer her wisdom and pithy remarks for my humble blog.
let's face it everyone, i am but a humble medium, nary a prophet.

RSS, will you ever forgive me??


Rebecca said...

I am so mad at you. It's unbelievable. Take it down. Take it down now. (You're crazy.) (Wonderful too, but that's beside the point.)Honestly. I can't tell you anything.

Rebecca said...

OK, now it sounds like my previous comment was some sort of massive over reaction to your perfectly pleasant posting. Of course it was fine, and I was never mad for really. And I say very few witty things, honestly, so I'm glad someone's keeping track of any that I actually do come up with (though I fear it's more a sort of thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters over a thousand years type of randomness if I ever do...). I'm a whole lot of monkeys...

steflenk said...

Rebecca Silver Slayter, you're a Whole lotta monkeys.

consistent monkeys, with stylish fedoras followed close behind by stylish lampposts on foggy nights.

when your Wit becomes known to the Universe at large, I am going to sell manuscripts of my blog on ebay for millions.