06 August 2005

a clarification of the Cecily Moos Affair (or one of the many reasons i Adore my job.)

the following is an e-missive i sent to my fellow co-workers upon discovery of factors of Some significance regarding one of our esteemed contributors to a great many Br--cks. (i'm cancelling out the middle words to keep errant googlers from spreading the word)
i think the circumstances should clarify why this job is the most Perfect job ever, and why Everyone in the world should read Br--ck.

my dearest colleagues,

I would just like to say that I'm slightly offput that no one felt fit to tell me that Cecily Moos was a fictitious author. I had developed an inadvertent affection for Ms. Moos, wondering who, how, and why she was affiliated with Br--ck, what took her to Denmark, and how on earth I might one day garner such an exotic life myself, with such grand and respectable affiliations.

so Imagine my crushing disappointment, when Miz Rebecca, said this morning, somewhat tentatively, "you Know that she is fictitious" when I asked how I would get her contact details for the Brick excel file of contributors for our upcoming issue.

now I've had illusions aplenty dashed in my life. God, Santa Claus, a significant other or two, but none can compare to the melancholia I felt upon hearing this news.

i've since recovered (sort of), thanks to lunch and comforting assurances that even tho' Ms. Moos is fictitious, she's alive and
well in the parallel universe that is Br--ck Literary Journal.

but mind how you go in the future, my beloved colleagues. I am most fragile when it comes to my illusions about figures in the literary world, and most specifically those that decide to up and move to Scandinavia.

all this said, Monsieur Redhill, I need Ms. Moos current contact details and bio for Brick 76.

all thanks and cautions for the future,

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