11 August 2005


12 days ago i ran into an ex i hadn't spoken with or seen in 6 years or so.
two nights ago I was sitting at my computer (of course) at 3 in the morning, and got an email from another old friend i lived with for a spell in Australia and haven't seen in 4 years.
and now, Now, it's 1.22am, and i just got ANOTHER email, at This moment, from yet Another character from my sordid past, this one from a surreal stay in Sweden in 1995 (in and around)
WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON?!? this is Complete Insanity.

no really.
i'm not complaining of course... it's moments like these where i feel like something is going on Way beyond anything i know about.

that and getting locked out of my own bathroom a few weeks ago, a picture leaping off my wall in the middle of the night and dis-enframing itself, and a snotty poltergeist kleenex (or so i would assume, i didn't examine it very closely) found on my floor when i arrived home...there are forces at work, i tell you. forces at Work.


Michael Barker said...

It's the blog kiddo - it's a weirdness magnet courtesy of google etc. (somehow a search for 'excessive mucuous' landed someone at my blog) - also, if you google 'stef lenk' (as I'm sure you have), you'll find you're at the top of the list (whereas if you google 'stephanie lenk', and I'm sure you haven't) you're nowhere to be seen - pretty clever Lenk. Heh heh.

steflenk said...

ha, you neglect one minor detail, my dear Barker, and that is i went by stefanie 10 years ago! the change has been gradual and inadvertent, but i see your point. i shall promptly change my name to stef lenk Legally, and google myself until they realize just how much in demand i am and put me at the top of every stef related google list there is. ha Ha!
and then i shall send them notice to kindly redirect all searches for "stephanie lenk" to stef lenk, 'coz there are definitely no stephanie lenks of Any merit out in the world, and we'll be off to the races.

as for your excessive mucous person, send them to my blog, and i will regale them with tales of poltergeists' snotty kleenexes.

kim said...

"Jumping Nuts Of Christ" is The Most off the wall string of words imaginable, A.D.
Good work.