13 January 2005

a sad and insignificant interview.

had an interview to do some design(possibly illustration!?!?) work for one the indie theatres in toronto today. sigh.
it started off fine...the publicist was, as foretold, a Lovely jovial person. he liked my stuff, and i successfully curtailed the temptation to explain away all the sad innocuous covers of non-profit annual reports, all insignificant sneezes on the grand canvas of creation.
( "insignificant sneezes on the grand canvas of creation.")
in fact i felt confident enough, and pleased enough with all my work (yay!yay!yay!) that i offered to, NAY i was Asked if (!) i would show my art/illustration stuff. so i brought it out, with the old familiar caveats, you know, a bit on the dark side, just here for a sense of scope and skill, yadda yadda...
i had been warned that the general manager, also a very kind lady, is a bit on the conservative side. still i was unprepared for the terror i instilled into her very heart at the sight of my stuff, people unzipping themselves out of their skins and whatnot. Curses!
things sort of ground to a halt, although i think they were still impressed with my skill (shrug), i conducted myself with shameless aplomb, and walked out with my head high, before i sunk into the doldrums of melancholy and pessimism a few hours later.
i know i know, leave the personal work at home under the bed. this is True, and worthy, and yet i truly believe, selfish and ignorant that it might be, that the world is ready to have alot More personal and intimate work enter the public domain. i'm sick to death of all this innocuous and flaccid stuff i see in the visual material gracing our streets and public spaces. it's supposed to Effect people, to Sway them, but it's nothing more than watery gruel simmering on the visual stovetop of life.

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kim said...

dude, you fucking rock. solid.