26 January 2005


today's self-perpetuated anxieties were momentarily displaced by a short and glorious missive from the long lost sean dwyer, who is alive and well and living in australia.

which should surprise absolutely no one aware of the fact that australia is the land from whence he hailed in the first place.

sigh. yes, ladies and gents, sean dwyer.
allow me if you (all) will to wax nostalgic for just a moment.

ah mister dwyer, with whom i spent many an afternoon perambulating kensington gardens in london, england, in years gone by, discussing philosophy, books, and very probably beer.

mister dwyer, with whom i commiserated on the joys and consequences of working at a chocolate shop in covent garden, whilst dreaming of pursuits more apropos to our mutually literate natures.

mister dwyer, who, after one of our forrays into the matter, felt (and i Heartily agreed) that the act of taking LSD should be a controlled experiment, with variegated phenomena (such as jelly donuts) close at hand, in order to better understand the effect this strange substance has on the average (or somewhat taller than such, in his case) human form.

mister dwyer, who was once given strange religious amulets (by his parents? i Can't remember) to arm himself against preternatural spirits rocking the couch he was sleeping on at a friend's possessed dwelling.

mister dwyer, gentle readers, who proved a constant and compassionate bastion to my irrepressible 22 year old self-concocted dramas, which even then were incendiary, unexpected, and very likely proof positive of psychotic tendencies.

mister dwyer, whom i met up with in canberra years after our initial comradeship to discuss life's progression, the lack of charisma in australian government employees, the strange nature of pre-fab urban sprawl, and, well, beer.

you are for me the last remaining voice of an era, at this moment, do you realize that sean? YAY TO YOU, SIRE! why aren't you the pope or the president yet? or ARE you the pope, or, gods love us, the president? i can't tell from beneath my solitary rock of bibliophilic preoccupations.

sean dwyer marks the third (or fourth, not quite sure) of my confirmed blog readers, which means i'm well on my way to fame, fortune, and world domination. YYYAHAHHOOOOOOOOO!

what a Wonderful thing to read from you, sean. do come to one of my art shows or whatever some day, i'll save you a glass of red to toast time, timelessness, and beer.

enough nostalgia. Gods that was fun. we now return to our regularly scheduled blog. cheerio.

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