06 January 2005

corporeal flight onto sherbourne street.

south from queen on sherbourne, zooming along at a nice steady pace, turn my head slightly and wonder at a pylon perched on the edge of the sidewalk...turn back to the road to see a black gaping hole, a foot deep, over 2.5 feet wide, in the ROAD, not a foot in front of.....BAM.
tire goes down, i fly Over the handlebars, land Smack on my front in the middle of sherbourne. there's a bus behind me, slowing to a stop. Sweet God of Cocks and holy shit.
i get up, grab my bike, and get onto the sidewalk. bus pulls up, door opens. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT!" yells the bus driver, in a visible panic.
i burst out laughing.
i can't help it, it's what i do when things shock me.
"i didn't see the pothole" is the only explanation i can offer.
he stares aghast. "you were completely actually Flying"
i'm still laughing. "i KNOW!" i literally felt my body airborne.
i check my tires, stand there for a second, and then get back on my bike and continue down to my skating rendez-vous at harbourfront.

astonishing. :)
i'm made of Fucking Steel.

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