26 January 2005

jeunet's latest, some living authors at last, and a dried up writing utensil.

saw "a very long engagement" last night and i must encourage all jeunet fans to make the effort to see this, his latest film.
the first ten minutes are DARK. unfathomably so. even i was questioning whether i could sit through them. and then the film and its characters began unravelling in "amelie"-esque colour and i found myself enjoying it greatly. was Very appreciative of the fact that mister jeunet has begun to temper this uber-idyllic picture postcard style with some genuine Grim-mery (sic), which actually Heightens the beauty of his magical narratives. YAY, monsieur jeunet. merci!

also am well into my first ever issue of "brick", a literary journal stemming from this modest city. Really really good. a melange of epistles, philosophies, bits of fiction, thoughts and other written sundries, from really Good writers. all in all it's been a humbling time of late, now that i've emerged from my library of dead white men to actually enjoy the living authors.

sigh. my story of a few days progresses slowly; i've done one edit, and am fighting off the "gods i'm weird" sentiment that accompanies so much of my work these days.
christ. writing feels so much like a shotgun wedding, 'xcept somehow i worry i've ended up with a sterile partner for a pen.
ah well, only Time and Tenacity will tell.

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