02 January 2005


fascinating to me that the uproar began when kinsey began research for his volume on human *female* sexual behaviour.
"you're telling the nation that their grandmothers and daughters are masturbating, what did you expect?"
i guess the addiction to the pre-adolescent waif as sex object comes from that stereotypical disassociation from culpability. innocence through association. prostitutes still damned for being liberated or oblivious to morality. legalizing prostitution would be like removing the collective chastity belt on the western world, but all of us really burn in hell? would Any of us, if consent was the guage?
the more interesting question to me, which will remain untouched until the majority can actually feel comfortable with sex as it IS, as it was presented in the film, was the emotional one.

emotions can't be measured, kinsey says, so there is no science.
does that make them any less real?
and if they are, how does one address the things that can't be measured?

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