22 January 2005


write everyday, write (sic) ?
that was the point anyhow.
finished reading "the fuck-up" by arthur nersesian the other day. "catcher in the rye" meets "on the road" meets a very lucky slacker wandering the east village in nyc. gold star to nersesian, who knows how to weave fortuity into entrancing scenarios.
moved on to "martin sloane". within moments joseph cornell's art comes SHINING through the storyline, like running into an old Best friend thought long dead. YAY YAY YYAAYYYY! glorious, Glorious, mister cornell. YAY!
the whole novel is Fantastic. i'm a third of the way through in but a few short hours. GLORY BE THE AUTHOR OF LITERARY FICTION THAT KNOWS HOW TO WRITE DIALOGUE. HONEST DIALOGUE.
HOW UUUTTTERLY CRUCIAL. seems so many authors engage in the passive act of description, like we really need to hear it all. characters exist alongside each other, but never relating to each other. in "...sloane" you can tell is a person who has written for the stage.
unwittingly end up at a staged reading of one of redhill's plays on wednesday. that is, Quite Wittingly end up there, but for the purpose of seeing volcanoe's latest undertaking, oblivious beforehand to michael redhill's involvement.
good. Confusing. well staged, Talented crew, great story. but VEERRYYY convoluted. tired out my tiny brain.

what else?
trying to sift through old school notes that are no doubt moot and excess...find a few interesting thoughts in an article entitled (wait for it) "9 secrets to blow-their-socks-off service writing".
CHRIST. am i really doing the right thing in this program?
who knows.
"if you don't like your reader, it will come through in your copy. if you don't like 'em, don't write for 'em. condescension isn't pretty."
and how much of my time today, (and the last couple of days in fact) have i devoted to potential logos and grid plans for this magazine for a community our group has determined to be "yoga yuppies"...
here's another little tidbit, pretty self-evident, but worth recapping: "fall in love with your readers...what motivates the readers...you're pitching to? what are their problems? what are their secret desires? what are the things they wish they had, or wish they could do, or fear they'll never be able to do again? what keeps them up at night? what do they daydream about?

wrote my first one page story (in Forever) two days ago. that's right. beginnning, middle, end. all in one page. SHORT. i can barely believe it. it may show up here, if i can get up the gumption, i'm kindda afraid to look at it again.
next objective: ILLUSTRATE IT.
next objective after that: KEEP FUCKING DOING IT. NOTHING OVER A PAGE.


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