24 January 2005

discourse on Love and a Bicycle.

i've figured it out. Love, that is.
tomorrow it will be the meaning of the universe, but for today, this will suffice.
after two days of Hideous slushy and unbikeable roads, and kilometres trekked on foot from home to school to work to home etc etc, i've hereby determined that Love is a Bicycle.
pray, dear reader(s), let me explain.
the loyalty between us is Unbreakable. i can imagine NO other alternative in getting from one place to the next than on my Bicycle.
that is, i Can imagine alternatives (my head suddenly fills with grim odious pictures of the ttc during rush hour), but these alternatives Always come up Wanting. even the occasional infidelity with public transit leaves me unwilling to shed the emotional fetters tying me to my two-wheeled wonder.
bike riding never stops being new and potentially dangerous and negotiable and adrenaline-inducing and solitary whilst being coupled (so to speak). i'm always going somewhere and it's always going with me (except for when its going into a pothole and i'm going flying into the middle of sherbourne street) and yet even then we are never far from each other. my bicycle is a fellow machine in need of support, security (albeit triple locked security), occasional repairs, and, of course, Frequent Rides. har har.

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