28 October 2005

thanks for the reminder, barron storey.

"You say that one cannot approve my mode of thought....My mode of thought is the result of my own reflections. it is a part of my life, of my own nature. It is not in my power to alter it, and if it were in my power to alter it, I should not do it. This mode of thought, which you condemn is the only comfort of my life: it relieves all my sufferings..., provides all my pleasure in this world; it means more to me than my own life. It is not my mode of thought that has caused my misfortunes, but the mode of thought of others."

• Marquis de Sade.
(rediscovered in tonight's perusal of the Marat/Sade Journals)


kim said...

They say that your "true love" (forgive me for being juvenile) is someone you'd trade heads with. Is there a "mode of thought" Test? You would never have to leave the house. Two heads, one mind. Crazy.

steflenk said...


kim said...

Did I say 'juvenile'? I meant to say 'lune jive'.
Please forgive me.

kim said...

I Am Juvenile.